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Here at last!

I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and feel so blessed and glad to be here in New Orleans at the IACP conference. I’m all settled in and fried from flying, but all fired up to start tomorrow with some meetings with an agent and magazine publishers. And of course all my fellow conference-attenders, whom I’m very excited about meeting.

Got in late but had to grab dinner so I cabbed it over to Cochon for some boudin balls (deep-fried sausage–how can you go wrong?) with a sweet and spicy grainy mustard sauce and pickled peppers. I followed these delectable porky tidbits studded with liver and rice with more porky wonderment: the Louisiana cochon de lait, a classic country Cajun dish gone upscale, fine pig roasted and formed into a cake over peppery pig reduction, with luscious hammy nuggets, turnips and cabbage. I washed it all down with a nice bitter Abita amber which complemented the swiny sweetness better than any wine I could dream up.

Tomorrow the conference! Hip hip hooray!

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