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Just back from lunch at Osaka, the Brizzi family’s favorite local restaurant. We started off our healthy fish and rice with an order of spicy lobster roll, a decadent confection of creamy sauce around lobster rolled up in rice and seaweed, dumped in tempura batter and fried. It was like the best of what’s best about tempura and sushi all wrapped up in delightful, delicious overkill. Warm, crispy, tasty, ooh baby.

Don’t tell my daughter–it’s her favorite place, too, and we went to Osaka without her while she was at school. She would be furious if she knew. Well, we bought her some artichokes (see below) as consolation if she finds out. As follow-up to my blog post about Sofia and her artichokes, see this week’s column on kids in the kitchen.

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